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The Master Kum Sung Martial Arts System is a balanced system of traditional martial arts blended with modern techniques, ancient philosophies, and modern psychology.
Perhaps most key in the system, especially for our youngest students, is the philosophy and psychology integrated throughout the training. A strong emphasis is placed on positive thinking and attitudes that will encourage the self-esteem that allows students to bring out the very best in themselves, to see rewards in life, and to overcome negative thoughts and actions.
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"Our Children need to realize the values, that we as adults have all learned from our ancenstors"
Special attention to issues in everyday life that one may have ..........
are addressed in every session

•  Respect
•  Values
•  Drive
•  Patience

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Wisdom & Happiness comes from learning from the right people.... Learn from the Grand Master
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Designed to accommodate students of all levels and ages, this unique system emphasizes self-defense, positive-reinforcement psychology, physical fitness, and coordination. Students of the Master Kum Sung Martial Arts will develop not only into very well-rounded martial artists, but secure, positive, self-confident, and emotionally and physically fit people.

Master Sung's Tae Kwon Do training is certified by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation, which determines Olympic eligibility in the U.S.
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