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Kum Sung Karate and the Master Kum Sung Martial Arts Philosophy, is the culmination of more than 40 years of experience and development by Grand Master Kum Sung. He has trained literally thousands of students, including national champions, military forces in Europe and the United States and professional actors and stuntman.
The Kum Sung schools have been in operation for more than 20 years with affiliates throughout the United States and Germany.
The Martial Arts at Kum Sung schools is taught using the philosophy, discipline and skills that were handed down through the generations from the ancient Asian Cultures. The Martial Arts are more than punching and kicking at Kum Sung. It is an entire mentality that enhances not only your physical abilities but your emotional and spiritual being as well.
The Instructors at Kum Sung facilities are personally trained by Grand Master Kum Sung and are under constant review with continual ongoing training. The instructors are well versed in the methods of teaching that allow for safe, physical, emotional and mental development in the martial arts that is customized to the various age groups.
The Kum Sung Facilities also incorporate a full service fitness center, KS Fitness, and a Summer Day Camp, The center is licensed by the State of New Jersey for camp and after school activities.